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Chef│DJ Gary Kim At The Nice

The Nice + Sheep & Wolves presents:

Chef | DJ Gary Kim @ The Nice

Featuring a bar menu and music by Gary

menu ::

tofu laksa 8

:: rice cakes, coconut milk, belacan

peruvian shrimp ceviche 10

:: leche de tigre, herbs, shrimp chips

bò tái chanh 10

:: Maine MEat, sriracha, herbs, candied peanuts

cauliflower 5

:: apple & carrot achaar

galbi jjim 12

:: pico de gallo, roasted poblano crema, toasted pine nuts

glossary ::

belacan - a Malay shrimp paste.

laksa - a spicy noodle soup popular in Peranakan cuisine. typically found in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

leche de tigre - translates to “tiger’s milk.” commonly used in Peruvian cooking for ceviche. has a slightly sweet, sour, spicy, and citrus flavor.

shrimp chips - also known as prawn crackers. common snack food throughout Southeast Asia.

bò tái chanh - vietnamese rare beef salad prepared with lime juice or vinegar. similar to the italian dish, carpaccio.

achaar - south asian pickles, also known as ‘desi pickles,” originating from the subcontinent of India.

galbi jjim - korean braised beef short-ribs. traditionally eaten during ‘Chuseok' (Korean Thanksgiving)