Shaken, stirred, swizzled and served


Nice Ones.

Peli Roja $11
Reposado Tequila. Campari. Benedictine. Grapefruit. Scorched Earth Bitters. Shaken. Served Straight Up.

Red Sangria $10
Red Wine Blend. Brandy. Peach. Apple. Clove. Steeped. Served On The Rocks.

Gray Skys Blue $11
Pisco. Mezcal. Pineapple. Lime. Egg White. Poppy Seed. Salt. Vanilla Sumac Bitters. Shaken. Served Straight Up

Nut So Bitter $11
Cynar. Amaretto. Lemon. Egg White. Nutmeg. Pecan. Shaken. Served Neat.


The Guava Joint $11
Añejo Rum. Creme De Cacao. Sweet Vermouth. Absinthe. Guava. Cardamom. Shaken. Served Straight Up.

Pusser’s Punch $10
Navy Strength Rum. Coconut Washed Brandy. Allspice Dram. Orange. Pineapple. Lime. Angostura Bitters. Shaken. Served On The Rocks.

Espress Yourself $11
Rum. Coffee Brandy. Velvet Falernum. Rumchata. Cold Brew Espresso. Shaken. Served On The Rocks. 

Nanner Nanner Boo Boo $11
Gin. Aquavit. Sherry. Orange. Banana. Burnt Coconut Sugar. Nutmeg. Bitters. Shaken. Served On Crushed Ice.

Spirited Sippers.

Whiskey & Wine $11
White Whiskey. Blanc Sweet Vermouth. Red Wine. Tobacco. Bitters. Stirred. Served On The Rocks.

Right-O-Ren $12
Bourbon. Punt-E-Mes. Lavender. Balsamic. Stirred. Served Straight Up.

Thatched Bamboo $12
Rhum Agricole. Campari. Sweet Vermouth. Cinnamon. Coconut Cardamom Bitters. Stirred. Served On A Big Cube.  

Blushing Milk Punch $11
Rums. Brandy. Whiskey. Rouge Absinthe. Pineapple. Clove. Lemon. Time. Love. Stirred. Served On A Big Cube.

Featured Classics.

Kamikaze $10 Vodka. Orange Liquor. Lime. Shaken. Served Straight Up.

20th Century $11 Dry Gin. Lillet Blanc. Creme De Cacao. Absinthe. Shaken. Served Straight Up.

Paper Plane $12 Bourbon. Aperol. Amaro Nonino. Lemon. Shaken. Served Straight Up.

Zombie $10 Rum Blend. Falernum. Absinthe. Donn Beach. Lime. Angostura Bitters. Shaken. Served On The Rocks.

Free Spirited (no a.b.v.)

Old Dog. New Fashions. $4 Muddled Cherry & Orange. Bitters. Soda Water.

Cool Hand Cuke. $4 Cucumber. Citrus. Orange Blossom Water.

Pineapple No-Jito. $4 Pineapple. Lime. Mint. Soda Water.

Yeast. Barley. Water.

Rolling Rock $4 Pale Ale. U.S.A. Bottle.

Cisco Brewers Shark Tracker $5 Light Lager. Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Can.

Heineken $5 Pale Lager. Amsterdam, Holland. Bottle.

Founders All Day IPA $5 IPA. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Bottle.

Shed Mountain Brown $5 Brown Ale. Vermont. Bottle.

Off The Vine.

Flaco $9 Tempranillo.

Louis M. Martini $12 Cabernet. 

Bread & Butter $10 Chardonnay.

Due Uve $10 Pinot Grigio Sauvignon Blanc Blend.

Maschio $9 Brut Prosecco.

Salty & Sweet.

Tiki Trail Mix $6 House Roasted Cashews. Dried Pineapple. Dried Banana. Dried Coconut.

Ham Plate $9 Pineapple And Coffee Rubbed Ham. Aged Parmesan. Pickled Pineapple. Guava Mustard.

Wonton Chips & Hummus $7 Chips & Dip!

Torched Piña $9 Brûléed Pineapple. Sea Salt. Lime Zest.

Drunken Turtles $5 Amaro Soaked Pecans. Caramel. Chocolate. Cashew Crumble.